Little jost van dyke, BVI

Like Jost Van Dyke, it takes its name from the Dutch privateer Joost van Dyk. It is the location of the Diamond Cay National Park, which includes the nesting grounds of wild boobiesterns and pelicans.

Home of Foxy’s Taboo and B-Line Bar, Little Jost has a laid back feel and is also a great snorkel site.  A short hike to The Bubbly Pool is always a fun diversion.  Keep an eye (and ear) out for herds of wild goats!

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Jost Van Dyke, BVI

Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the main 4 islands of the BVI.  With a population of only 298 people, the islands population easily doubles on busy days with “Painkiller” thirsty tourists. 

Jost Van Dyke is best known for it’s incredible beach bars.  Soggy DollarFoxy’s and Ivan’s Stress Free Bar are just a few of the fun filled, laid back places to spend your perfect beach day.  The water in White Bay is so incredibly clear and beautiful that you can spend the whole day just looking at it and never get bored!  Of course, having a Pain Killer in hand adds to the experience, as well!

virgin gorda, BVI

Virgin Gorda is best know for The Baths, an indescribable rock formation dating back over 20 million years.  A hike through the boulders brings you to Devil’s Bay, a pristine swimming area with great snorkeling.  The Top of the Baths restaurant and bar provides a magnificent view of the Sir Francis Drake Channel while enjoying a cold beverage and taking a dip in the fresh water pool.  Right off of Norman Island is Willy T’s floating pirate bar which is a very unique restaurant and bar that allows you to jump from the back of the boat!

British Virgin Islands --- Sandy Spit near Jost Van Dyke --- Image by © M. Dillon/CORBIS
Sandy spit & sandy cay, bvi

Sandy Spit is a tiny island of sand surrounded by crystal clear water that appears to glow when the sun is shining.  If you are looking for a great beach with pristine water, this is a great stop.  Just a short distance away, Sand Cay has a walking trail around the entire island and is home to many species of birds.  Bring beach shoes or flip flops as parts of the hike are a little rocky.

In 2010 Corona Beer filmed their famous commercial on Sandy Spit.

lovango cay, usvi

Lovango Cay is a private Island located North of St. John. Accessible only by boat, the north side of the cay features a small bay. With Congo Cay to the north, the water here tends to stay calm and offers very good snorkeling. Among other things, nurse sharks are often found resting here during the day. Island wildlife includes numerous bird species and strangely enough, goats. The goats that you may see around the north side of Lovango are wild goats now, descendants of the goats left from earlier settlers. There are only 3 full time residents of Lovango Cay and they are jokingly referred to as Lovangolians

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waterlemon cay, usvi

Waterlemon Cay is the most popular snorkeling spot on St John. And for good reason! This picturesque location features four large sets of Danish-era plantation ruins, a mostly-flat hike and a cay ( small island ) surrounded by a rich marine ecosystem teaming with tropical fish, marine life like sea turtles, rays, dolphins and sharks ( mostly passive Nurse Sharks ). You can swim entirely around the Cay and see the different coral and sea life on all sides.


Cruz Bay, located on the West Coast of St. John, is the hot spot of the island. The beach, lined with beach bars and shops, has soft white sand, a designated swimming area, and space for day boaters to anchor. Experience the laid back atmosphere and amazing views of St. John while sipping some drinks at Joe’s Rum Hut or Beach bar. This is also a great place to find unique souvenirs and locally made offerings.

buck island, usvi

Buck Island is located just a few miles off the South Side of St. Thomas.  Its home of the famous Turtle Cove and Shipwreck Cove.

Turtle Cove is located on the north shore and is a perfect snorkel spot for, you guessed it, Turtles!  The cove has patches of turtle grass that the turtles feed on;  They surface every 3-5 minutes to breathe and commonly will surface right next to snorkelers.  Water depths range from 15-30 feet.

Shipwreck Cove is located on the west end of the island and is home a 190′ world war II era long freighter, The Cantanza Senora.  She sits in about 45 feet of water.  There is a massive school of yellow tail snapper that make the Cantanza their home.  Be sure to stop here after you see the turtles in Turtle Cove.

great st. james & little st. james, USVI
Private Islands owned by a hedge fund billionaire.  “The James’s” as the locals call them have so much to offer for being located so close to the east end of St. Thomas.  Great St. James has Christmas Cove, where Christopher Columbus and 18 ships anchored on his 2nd voyage to the new world.  Story has it that he lost his anchor in this cove on Christmas Day, and so he named it Christmas Cove.
Christmas Cove has snorkel spots along the ledges near the beach.  Its home to about 20 sailboats and the famous “Pizza Pi” floating Pizza food boat.  If you are hungry, just pull your boat up to theirs and order some delicious pizza.
On little St. James, make sure to check out “The Ledges” on the north west corner of the island.  There is some epic snorkeling here and its usually very calm and protected.
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